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Daily Exchange Rates for international payments

Exchange rates for International payments can be consulted by clicking on the “Indicative rates for International payments”, under section Transaction Initiation, here:


Those exchange rates (separate from Daily Exchange Rates for cash transactions, provided in the table below) are indicative only, are non-binding upon BNP Paribas and are subject to change in line with market rates.

The exact exchange rate applied to a transaction, requiring currency exchange is available in clients’ statements/advices.

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Daily Exchange Rates for cash operations for 23.10.2019/9:37:49 AM


CAD 1.341360 n.q. n.q.
CHF 1.777380 1.737000 1.819000
DKK 0.261797 n.q. n.q.
EUR 1.955830 1.950600 1.961000
GBP 2.272500 2.209000 2.317000
JPY 100 1.618130 n.q. n.q.
NOK 0.192062 n.q. n.q.
SEK 0.182272 n.q. n.q.
TRY 0.301374 n.q. n.q.
USD 1.757260 1.718100 1.798100