Cash Management

Your dedicated team of experts for your treasury management

A strong commitment in treasury management

In a corporate environment where cash is strategic, BNP Paribas is showing a long-term commitment to corporates that are engaged in efficiency driven and forward thinking treasury strategies.

Whatever their size and the nature of their activity, corporates must strive to be agile and adapt to a fast-moving, complex and globalized environment. In this context, cash management can provide advanced insight and act as a powerful driver.

BNP Paribas’ Cash Management is driven by innovation, thanks to the expertise and the sharpness of a dedicated Competence Centre. This high-value steering team is in charge of devising our global commercial and industrial cash management strategy, offering the coordination of the Bank’s worldwide resources.

Global reach and Bulgaria made quality

With a geographical coverage in over 55 countries with direct access to local cash management experts and clearing, BNP Paribas’ Cash Management provides corporates with seamless global solutions.

Our Connexis-based platform is available in 47 countries and 20+ languages, serving over 6,000 corporates worldwide. We have also implemented SWIFTNet solutions in 22 European countries and 39 countries outside Europe to serve over 330 corporate clients, more than any other bank.

In Bulgaria, BNP Paribas has been present since 1994 and ranks among the top three international banks in the country. The bank has a comprehensive cash management offering in Bulgaria, covering both domestic and international cash management requirements.

BNP Paribas (Bulgaria) SA’s Cash Management team provides corporate banking solutions and services for large- and mid-cap corporates.

To complement the entire working capital flow, BNP Paribas (Bulgaria) SA’s cash management value proposition helps clients to collect faster, optimize payments flow and enhance control over funds.

What we offer

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Processing of means of payment

Able to process all payment/collection methods. Direct participant to the local clearing.

Cash optimization solutions with different service levels

State-of-the art e-banking solutions

  • Centric – our innovative App-Portal – is the main gateway into BNP Paribas’ entire Applications universe.
  • Connexis – A web-based E-banking solution (a Multi-bank, -currency and -language application) as global unified Portal. Accessible via Centric.
  • Electronic transfer solutions through local or international protocols and formats:
    • SwiftNet (FIN and FileAct),
    • local host to host, (Connexis Gateway)
    • EBICS.

Remaining competitive in a complex financial environment has become a daily challenge for every Corporate Treasurer. BNP Paribas Bulgaria takes a holistic approach to your challenges from treasury, cash and liquidity management to digital and cyber-fraud prevention, looking towards innovation such as fintech, blockchain and real-time technology.

Your transaction banking specialists at BNP Paribas Bulgaria are available to discuss with you your next treasury project.